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The next series of online classes are posted on


Instructors to look for is

Marcia Selsor that is pushing forward with discovery in Alternative Firing. 

David Voorhees is giving tips about successful throwing of porcelain. 

Connie Christensen makes a tea set; tray and all and later this year we will add her shino expertise to this school. 

Nan Rothwell is the latest addition and we are very excited to add her stoneware throwing class. 
Antoinette Badenhorst added 4 classes in porcelain from Understanding porcelain to making projects in hand building to wheel throwing. 
Her pinching teapots for the complete beginner is very popular and the pinching porcelain teapots will be available late fall to early winter. 
An introduction to understanding glazes will also follow later this year. 

Instructors to look forward to is Paul Lewing, Curtis Benzle and Marie Gibbons. Each one bringing their specialty to TeachinArt. 

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