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Another Math Problem

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john, i am reporting the results after opening the kiln.  the test shows that only the cobalt in the mason stains affected the final color.  so i won't be trying that way to get purple.  post-2431-0-05662700-1496408355_thumb.jpg


i had used yellow stain and got a lovely color result which i have used several times with great success.




"if that much yellow looks so nice, what if i put  just a little into this last bit of WET base to get a pale yellow?"  and then i can use the bucket for a different glaze and i can have more variety of color to display.


you cannot see the drawing of the chicken unless you really look hard.  but i think i found the lovely ivory color that Lenox China uses.


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Old Lady the trays look great. Nice even color and a beautiful color, both of them. Agreed, the cobalt did not do so well.


I am testing white satin matte glaze removing the zircopax then adding 0.3% cobalt in 1 test and 0.3% copper in another. Will let you know what comes out.

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Old lady, I read a suggestion somewhere for measuring out minuscule quantities for tests. I also have an ancient triple beam Ohaus scale I purchased new in 1971. 

If you need a percentage in the area of .02 or close to that. Weigh out a .1 and divide it up visually with a razor or a sharp knife . In this case 5 even parts. It would be a close approximation. Good enough for a yay or nay vote and on to a larger batch for testing further. 

I do a lot of testing for oxidation glazes after decades of working in reduction. There are so many nuances with color in glazes, testing is endless. Alisa Clausen in a great example of that.



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