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@ Rockhopper,

Most times I place the pot on a box or brown paper bag to slow down the drying. I have a plastic bucket that I'll try next.



I let handles set up as neil mentions. The closer the handle and the pot are in moisture content, the less problems you'll have.



I let the handles set up at least four hours. The first thing I do when I walk into the studio after I turn on the lights is to pull handles and the last thing I do before I turn out the lights is attach the handles.


I tried pulling handles the day before and double bagging them but they were to dry to work with.


=== Edit in ===


I cracked the latest failure apart and I think I'm throwing to thick. I'm a heavy 8mm. I'm going to work on 4-5mm next which is what my mugs are.

Moisture and frying are totally dependent on your location or shop conditions like is a wood stove burning. Montana is very dry. Everyone has to pace themselves to their environmental conditions. 

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