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Ul Listing For Table Lamps

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Hi Folks -- I'm hoping someone will have some words of wisdom for me about lighting!


I have been making my own lamps for a few years. Doing all the wiring myself, no problems.


I now have an interior designer client doing an installation for a commercial application that requires UL Listing on their lamps. Not just UL Rated parts, but a UL listing on the final lamp.


After checking around with a couple of lighting shops in my area (San Francisco), the UL Listed shops I can find are only licensed for hard-wired installs, not table lamps... They say the table lamp licensing is too much $$ to warrant it.


Does anyone know of a way to find shops that can do UL table lamp wiring? Or have any referrals in Northern California?


Shot in the dark, but I figured I couldn't be the first one to come across this.



-- M

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Call Sue Johnson Lamps in Berkley and ask them. She has been doing lamps as long as I have done pots.

I have a few of her shades. My guess is you will find no one that spends that kind of money to get UP listed anymore-not worth it.

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