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Qotw: What Do You Listen To While Working In The Studio? Music, Tv, Talk Radio, Silence?

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I listen to music, mostly Nahko & Medicine for the People (positive, uplifting lyrics) or ambient or folk.

I also do enjoy audiobooks
I have a busy life and do a lot of talking and am often around a lot of people, so occasionally, I actually really revel in the silence. (Like glaze nerd, the "silence" has a lot of beautiful sounds to it - my studio is beside a rushing river with birds chirping and animals wandering by. Yesterday, a hummingbird joined me in the studio for a little while :) )

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I answered this one before a while back and it was silence for me then. However, now I have a bluetooth speaker and I jam out to techno and trance music. Mostly stuff that has no lyrics. I have no idea who the artist are, Pandora just selects them for me.


No idea why I like this music.


I am assuming it has something to do with the uplifting constant beats to energize me to keep doing repetitive task. I have never listened to this stuff in the past, nor do I listen to it when I'm the car. It seems I only enjoy it when I am doing something that closely related to manual labor.


My husband likes to listen to that same kind of music when he's working because it's energizing but has no lyrics to distract. He also likes video game music because it's designed to motivate.

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what a cutie!


one of the guild potters had a basement studio where reccoons often visited.  he also had a small garter snake who spent the winter curled up in a corner near the water heater.

I wouldn't mind that as long as the snake didn't SURPRISE me.

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