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Hi everyone,


Hope you all have had a good holiday weekend.


I have a quick question regarding warppaged and drying of porcelain slip casting.  I have a couple of plate moulds and I would like to cast using porcelain. Does porcelain slip warp? Should I follow the same rules for plates regarding drying slowly and upside down?




Enjoy the rest of the day.



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Does porcelain slip warp?

If it is formulated with a low plasticity body: then no. However, if all they did was send out the dry blend of their regular porcelain body: then yes because of plasticity.  Make a simple 6 x 6 test tile and move it to a ware board as soon as possible before it begins to dry. Just let it sit there, if it is going to wrap- it will.



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I had a porcelain slip casting business (spin off with a partner for 10 years )

Porcelain slip can slump at  high temp and can warp while drying. The form really is a big factor-Plate forms are pushing this as far a a form goes. drying will be a key factor as well as the slip formula .

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