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Shimpo Vl Whisper Vs Bailey Pro Xl

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Hi all,

I'm a newbie,... taking a few lessons here and there, and I want to setup something to spend time more at home. I want to do this once and get a decent wheel :)


I really liked Bailey's splash pan, it's really appealing to be able to clean easily. However I'm a bit concerned that I don't see Bailey sold everywhere, making me wonder if they are in any way less reputable than other brands? The other wheel which I had in mind before I saw the Bailey was the Shimpo VL Whisper... If you were to choose between these, would you say I could go wrong with either? Brent also seems to have many options - but a bit more expensive.

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bailey makes very high quality products.  in a controlled way.  sold by his own company in kingston, ny.  has many sales and special offers, contact them and see what is happening now.

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