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Diy Wheelchair Accessible Pottery Wheel

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We are a new, open-to-the-public, teaching pottery studio located inside the local mall.  Our business plan was developed with an underlying premise that we would be able to offer wheel throwing, hand building, glazing instruction to anyone who walked or rolled through our doors.  The studio is laid out to be as wheelchair accessible as possible.  

Now we just need that wheelchair accessible wheel.  The Amaco 16 is way, way out of our budget.

Does anyone have any ideas?  We are wondering if attaching the leg mechanism from an automatic standing desk to a wheel attached to a work table might be viable?

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Check out the Brent wheel chair accessible model to see how they fit the wheelchair. The side arms and wheel could be cranked up or down into position. I got one with a grant for my classroom.

I previously taught wheel chair bound students using Shimpo old RK-2 with the hand control stick attached to the foot pedal That seems like an easy thing to rig up. It depends on the degree of disability which works better.




This is a Shimpo Whisper but the RK2 had the same stick on the foot pedal. It worked for some wheel chair students. http://www.bigceramicstore.com/shimpo-model-rk-whisper-1-2-hp.html?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=**%20Shopping%202014&utm_term=4580359282938798&utm_content=Shopping

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I would suggest using a tabletop wheel such as a Shimpo Aspire or Speedball Artista (or maybe even a Brent IE though this one may be a bit too tall) placed on an ADA compliant/wheelchair accessible table. You might have to build the table to make sure it's sturdy enough and has the dimensions you need, but I imagine it'd be far less expensive than purchasing Brent/AMACO #16. Perhaps there's someone in your studio community who uses a wheelchair who could help you design something. 

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