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Sent My Custer Feldspar In For A 14 Element Me-Xrfo6 Chemical Analysis

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i just got a bag of 325 mesh Custer feldspar. this march,  I sent it on for a chemical analysis and we will see if its as discribed on there web site. the cost is ,27.50 for set up fee and about 5 bucks more for this and that and 30.65 per sample . Sent it in march 14 2017 i will let you all know the results. I got the bag from conntinental clay in Minneapolis MN 50 pound bag

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i am also doing a porcelain test. with 30 custer and 20 flint in the 25 25 25 25 basic porcelain . For the flint I am using Sioux quartzite because it has some nice purple Iron in it . I want to see if it crazes, or shivers the glaze off. 

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