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Amaco 1-101 Bat Question

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I am a novice and just purchased a secondhand Amaco 1-101 (it was very cheap, and I know that it's maybe not the best, but it's fine for now). 


It came with what seems to be a plaster bat (weird, right?) and I'm trying to get some other bats for it that are not plaster. It doesn't have a pin system, and the wheel head it comes with is 12" and has sides that come up and doesn't look like any wheel head I've seen before.


Can anyone help me figure out what kind of bats to get to replace the plaster one I have?



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Seems like you have a "bucket head" that is specially made for plaster bats.  Amaco discontinued the 1-101's around 2014.  Other than a switch, there are no replacement parts listed for this wheel on the Amaco website.  Your best bet, as Magnolia Mud Research indicated, will be to call them.  Perhaps they have a replacement wheel head or could sell you molds/tell you how to make plaster bats.  



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