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Tenacity is picking myself up after this little disaster and becoming willing to set foot in the studio,to face the pcking-through for survivors- rather than watching netflix and sulking for days.  


On another note, as I begin to really "think sales", I am leveraging my daughter's talents as a jeweler's apprentice. I made the pendant, she handcrafted the necklace. I think we might have something here!!!  I love my pendants and I love her work, so I'm going to give it a go. 


Figuring out the pricing is rough. Suggestions welcome!







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My local potters' guild spent $x000 for a web developer and after over a year, ended up with nothing (personal issues), and while the money was returned,  of course the time has as gone by with no web presence other than a bare-bones Facebook page.   When having a web site was initially up for discussion, I suggested using a web site generator and building our own, to avoid the middle men. No interest. 

Fast forward to a recent appeal from the new chairman/vice chairman to revisit getting a site up.  I wanted to contribute so I volunteered. Not to toot my own horn---who am I kidding, I am SO tooting my own horn!!!--but with a little help from the VP (Claire Provencher) to get started, I put this together in less than 2 weeks (while still living my life) and it did not cost a dime. (Free WIX...we will go to the paid version if the community votes to do so.)

This is "just" a mockup, and still has placeholders for pending text; later it will have the ability to collect dues and we'll list all the members, be more interactive, etc. 

https://nhpgweb.wixsite.com/nhpg      CHECK IT OUT

I am posting it here for the benefit of people like me who don't want to spend big bucks, know zip about code and like it that way, and might be cheered to know how easy it is to put together a nice platform to show and sell your work.  I had stalled on finishing my own website (also WIX) due to unavoidable circumstances, but am re-charged and ready to get back to it. Plus I learned so much doing this one for the  Guild that mine will just be that much better when I do it! 



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Need to check it out on my computer. On my phone, the front page is a bit strange, lots of empty space and misalignments. Looks really nice though, good job!

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