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What Is Nceca?

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National Council for Education of Ceramic Arts. Celebrated 50 years last year in Kansas City. It has become very international and inclusive -involving professional potters, career paths other than schools, etc. It combines lectures, panels, a process room for demonstrating techniques, day long demos, and lots (Baltimore had 200) exhibitions. Always a dance on Friday night. 6 Emerging artists' presentations Sat. morning before the business meeting. Lots of discussion in the bars and hotel lobbies. I have been going since 1971 and still learn things, plus connect with old friends and new ones.



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Ditto to what John and Marcia said.  Since last year was my first time,  I felt like I was a part of something much bigger than myself and my small group of ceramic buds....definitely broadened my definition of the words "potter" and "ceramics" and gave me such an appreciation of how hard people work in this field and how grateful most of them are to be doing what they do.  There was so much passion for clay......for art.....for each other. 



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