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Brick Repair

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looking at adding a small skutt 818 and it has a broken element and a row of 6 cracked and/or missing bricks on bottom row of bottom ring. I have never replaced bricks before. They are $12 a piece (and it needs 6 of them) and the element is $38 at kilnparts.com. Was going to youtube and surf for instructions.


Any advice on this repair?


Anyone dealt with kilnparts.com? good price on bricks?



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there's a few youtube videos regarding how to replace the bricks, it's not that hard, just time consuming.  Nice thing is the Skuutt 818 isn't a very big kiln, so it's easier to manhandle the sections so you can DIY.


Basically you unplug, take the control box off then unstack the sections to get to the bottom one.  Flip it over onto a flat surface and release the steel jacket.  After you replace the bricks, you'll need to sand them down so everything is flat.  Replace your element, then reinstall everything back together.  Test fire.


You may consider getting some backup parts for your kiln if you have the $ - extra thermocouple, relay, element.

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