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I am limited to commercial glazes due to space issues and mostly firing cone 6 electric. I am learning to accept them for their own characteristics and not expecting to get what one gets from one's own formulations. 


I favor Coyote & Laguna, and several from the Amaco lines. Amaco has an Acai Matte shino that is quite nice. When people want to know what the glaze(s) is called, depending on their level of interest, I may add that commercial glazes labeled as shino, celedon, tenmoku etc. are named after the authentic/historic formulations, as they are intended to have similar effects, but they are not the genuine traditional glazes. 


There is a group on Facebook called Amaco Cone 5/6 Exchange. The darling glazes of the moment seem to be Ancient Jasper, Smoky Merlot, and Indigo Float, so I find the current focus a bit limited, but there is some discussion of others in the Amaco lines that may be helpful. 

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Those are Amaco's Potter's Choice glazes. If you go to their website and scroll down to the "Layering" section, look under Potter's Choice and you will find literally hundreds of layering combos that should pique your interest. Do NOT use Palladium as a bottom glaze. You'll wind up with a bunch of large drips.



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I have used the amaco shino glaze and fired it at cone 10 it looked really good. electric kiln. as a matter of fact I have been testing cone 6 glazes at cone 10 on my amaco 38 white glaze they are great most so far have done very good. using the potters choice glazes and testing on some plates and a few cups

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