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Good morning everyone. Thank you for allowing me to  announce the online workshops available at 

I would like to draw your attention to the class of Marcia Selsor particularly. Unless you are going to attend her workshop later this year in Italy at La Meridiana, this is your opportunity to learn from this highly recommended artist.  
During this online workshop, she show and tell in detail how she prepare , raku, obvara and two kinds of saggar fired pottery pieces for alternative firing, all conducted in a small raku kiln. Marcia designed and built this little mobile raku kiln specifically for this  online workshop and she discuss the making process in detail. 
Other detailed discussions is about the chemicals she used to obtain results. 
This is a class that will give anyone that would like to start working with alternative firing a very good kick start, more so because she is available to answer questions right throughout the 6 weeks that the class is online. 
Other classes currently open are porcelain dinnerware workshops by Antoinette Badenhorst and a beginners pinching teapot class by Antoinette. 
Connie Christensen will be featured with her workshop in April. 
Other instructors on the list for 2017 is  Nan Rothwell, Paul Lewing, Marie Gibbons and a follow up shino workshop by Connie Christensen. 
If you are interested in more details, you are welcome to contact Koos@TeachinArt.com 
As always: we are calling for instructors. 

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This shameful self promotion shows what will be covered in the 6 week course on Alternative firing. Besides building a small raku kiln,there are wheel throwing demos, texture demos, latex resist, and preparation for each firing process.

So far there are participants from the US, UK and New Zealand. Registration is open at www.teachinart.com




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