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Looking For A Certain Clay Body...

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I was hoping someone might know the clay body I'm looking for.


I'm looking for a clay body that fires red at cone 6. It's not quite as dark as a brick red but its a rich red. I wish I had a picture. It's very smooth. I remember it came in 12.5 pound logs. I've thrown with it before but I can't figure out where it came from and I can't get ahold of the studio owner anymore. I thought for a minute it was standard's Brooklyn Red, but the description says it has grog and sand and the clay I'm looking for was really smooth to throw with.


It might have been from Great Lakes Clay and Supply Company but I don't see anything on the website that looks like it could be the right one.


Any help would be great!

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Tucker's has a Mid Red that's fairly smooth, Highwater has Earthen Red which is very smooth but is not very plastic, it is a very beautiful deep red color. Sheffield Pottery has 4D3B. There is fine grog in the 4D3B, but it's always felt very smooth to me, however I don't use a wheel. It fires to a reddish brown at 5, a deeper red at 6. Laguna has red stoneware bodies but I haven't been able to try them because they're Western clays, too expensive to ship out here.

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