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Wholesale Marketing Materials

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RonSa    188

Ron that got me thinking -yes thats what I had printed on them but now I remember those details . It takes a long time for them to filter back for time sensitive studio sale dates and 1st class meant I could correct the address and send them out and still get the customer maybe-vs them driving is week avatar the sale. Keep in mind this was 3 decades ago.I just switched to postcard format and saves a ton and got 1st class service.


I forgot to add


If you use "Address Service Requested" you'll get forwarding and the new address. You'll pay a fee (equal to a postage stamp) for the new address.

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Chris Campbell    1,086

Quality of contacts over quantity will pay higher dividends.


Take the time to sort them down so your time spent has a better chance of paying off.

Take the time to go to their websites ... many you will eliminate in under one minute.

What you will be left with is a quality mailing list that is worth your time and $$$$$$$$


Those that look promising might have a link to how they like to receive proposals for new work. Some of these are very specific as regards to images and programs.

Galleries that make you drool might be worth a personal visit ( on a slow weekday ) to meet someone and ask how they like to get new work ... then, when you submit, you have a name to mention.


Galleries are always on the look out for new work ... so best wishes and Good Luck!!

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