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Mark C.

Cambodia Ceramic Villages-Suggestions?

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Anybody have any suggestions as to some pottery villages to visit? As I’m going to Cambodia to visit my sister next month who is living there for 6 months now. We'll have some fancy digs which are in Phnom Penh so we will day trip from there.

I’m interested in visiting some non-tourist pottery villages in this country.I'll have almost 10 days there.

We plan on a few days at Angor Wat as well as a side trip.

Other than the Kampong Chhnang – Khmer Pottery what does anyone suggest?

I know this potter somewhat over the decades but he has not responded to my e-mails



Marcia? John, have you been in this country visiting any ceramic places before?


We will also be in Indonesia for a few weeks on a small Island (Wakatobi National Park) but we plan on spending most of our time their underwater taking photos. We have spent a month on a boat in Indonesia sailing New Guiana to Bali 10 years ago diving so I'm familiar with this area more than Cambodia.

Indonesia is huge and extremely varied.

Looks like Cambodia has at least two ceramic making areas.

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Look for potteries in these two regions. Kampong Speu and Kampong Chhnang. They said they make a lot of pottery, tile, and roof tiles in these regions. Hope this helps; good luck.

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