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Good morning my dear friends and thank you from all my heart for your concerne, your well wishes and all the pm's and emails. I am overwhelmed. Thank you!! :wub:


I had surgery end of last year and had to stay in hospital 3 days. Then almost 2 weeks in bed or on the sofa with elevated foot. No hopping around. Then I got a really fancy shoe with which I can put 15kg on my operated foot. Together with crutches I can walk very very slowly inside the house on the groundfloor. Last week I had to go back to hospital by emergency because my foot was inflamed something crazy. X-ray told us that one of the screws (I got a metal plate on the bone now) is a bit wonky, and I got cortison injections. I have therapy every day. I can say that I feel much better now and that I can say "I am back in the forum"!


I will think of a QOTW question and will post it today. So please, stay tuned.


Thanks again for your love! It warms my heart.


Love to you all and big bear hugs



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