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Evelyne Schoenmann

Qotw: What Are The Top Five Things In Your Studio That You Would Not Part With, If You Had To Downsize?

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Hello everybody! Is it already snowing at your end of the world? No snow here yet but really cold. Temp. in my studio (basement) is around 53 F. :wacko: Temp. outside 35 F

Ha! Funny that! Temp inside is exactly the reverse of temp. outside....


QOTW: Last week we talked about redundant things in our studios. For this week I gladly take Nerd's advise and ask you:


What are the top five things in your studio that you would NOT part with, if you had to downsize?


This is MY list:


  1. slab roller!
  2. kiln
  3. Giffin Grip
  4. Apron :P
  5. movable heater/radiator


Well, there's more, but Nerd wanted only 5....


I hope you all are cosy and warm. Happy week!



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A kiln is an automatic given: so you can exclude that from the top five.


digital scale.    dry chemicals/minerals     30" slab roller    PH meter    wheel




Ron, of course I will take my wife. Someone has to load and unload all of this stuff......... :o

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Kiln (gas car kiln)lets be real here,with 50 Advancer shelves

glaze materials




With these I could still make a living

I hate to leave behind my Bailey electric slab roller but I can still roll slabs the old fashion way


Why would I be downsizing my 43 years on clay stuff??If that was the case I'm also insane so I would need professional help-Maybe you should call someone to look at me?

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Very difficult.........


Noborigama  (just getting aged nicely and giving top results)

Brent CXC (my very old friend)

old Japanese wooden kickwheel  (rare and irreplaceable)

40+ year old Ohaus triple beam balance (history....we go back)

my collection of hand tools  (many I made, many from Japan, Korea, and China)


I know... the "collection" on the hand tools is cheating.


All else can be somewhat easily replaced (just throw money).





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I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Essentials pretty much the same as everybody else- wheel, electric kiln, slab roller, little tools, parts to build a raku kiln.....problem with my gas kiln is that it is a caternary arch brick kiln and that wouldn't be fun to take down. Guess we'd have to sell the house with the kiln described as a pizza oven?

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Interesting to think about what I actually need, then peek at what a load of stuff I actually have!


Kiln ... ( because I'm a control freak )

Bison carving tools ... ( no one else gets to use them )

Handmade wooden forming tools ... ( fits the hand so wonderfully )

Handmade bamboo brushes .... ( gotta make lovely marks )

CXC wheel ... only if I don't have to carry it


Cheating on the tools area ... but John did it first!

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if the last one doesn't count then it would be my electric extruder.


Wow,....... he ranks right up there, huh?  Beats ware boards, buckets, and towels.  ;):)   







LOL John!


explanation: I'm little, my husband is a foot taller than I am and way stronger. If he is willing to schlep clay in and pots out then he makes the studio list. 

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I've been thinking about this for a couple days. I've decided that when I'm ready to downsize out of my single-family house with studio, that's because I will be retiring from making pots for money. I'm looking forward to living in an almost maintenance-free apartment. I'll happily pay a condo fee to have others do the yardwork. This means I'll be giving up all my studio equipment too, and I'll go back to making pots recreationally in a community studio (just like how I started) where somebody else changes the kiln elements and cleans the floor.


So my answer to this question are some small things that I can transport back and forth to a community studio:


1. giffin grip

2. mouth-blown glaze sprayer

3. long-hair deer tail brush

4. signature stamp

5. small wooden rib with just the right curve for making my favorite bowl

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this is the list of things i put into the car twice a year.  there are more in there but these are the ones i would miss the most.


shimpo banding wheel, never used for banding, used for glazing and working in general

printers blankets 

bat holder and small bats, going to leave a stack of them this year

throwing discs, wooden ribs for bowls made by a friend years ago

hand tools including the bisons and the dragonfly 


this only works because i have a wheel and a slab roller at each place.

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