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Mark C.

When Opportunity And Preparedness Collide=Best Show Of My Life

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Let me set the stage

I have done shows since 1973.

I have done a show in another state consecutively for 24 years now .The show has a winter and spring show-that’s 48 shows in this town. I missed one spring show due to having 3 bones removed from my wrist so that’s 47 shows in a row.

This town is about 2400 miles from my house round trip.

This has been a great show for me over the years as my customer base grew to epic proportions. This place also has a tourist traveler component as well as locals. For example at last weekends show I have pots heading to many European countries –to Australia and Japan as well as to many states all over the US including Alaska.

This is one of the shows I get to keep my booth space so I was in one spot for decades-not the best spot just a good spot. Double booth with open corner and space behind for storage-it’s a pricey show. Booth cost $1200 for this layout.

I made a choice a few years ago to start slowing my show schedule down. This show is the furthest away although it’s my best it’s just a long ways. I used to drive there in two days and return in two days. It’s a three-day show so I was gone 1 week. Now I take 8 days to do this show. The show is a bit spendy with all the hotels and traveling and its my hardest to do as far as rules –setup and take down. I flew a sign one year ago saying its one of my last shows –this sign was up last spring as well.

This December show I put up a sign saying it’s my last show there. After 2 days of explaining why it was my last I took down the sign and Sunday most customers knew I was not coming back. Some came several days in a row.

I had customers almost in tears and also very angry with me, the full gamut of emotions.

I always take tons of stock but as it was my last show in this location I really doubled down on packing the van full.

I knew the show would rock as sales where always heading up there for me.

We had a line for most parts of 3 days. I take help and I mean a people person who folks love to chat with. His nametag was Professional Pot Wrapper.

I had 806 customers at this show. I was able to keep the stock flowing on the shelves until the last day. 500 spoon rests and 260 sponge holders sold.

Bowls mugs you name got wrapped and packed. It was a feeding frenzy.

I run a double booth and have 6 rack sections in this space-the booth is a corner so you can walk through.

I will never in my life have a show like this one, I feel like I have peaked. It is sad to leave those loyal customers behind but I need to slow down a tad. That’s almost 5000 miles a year on my van I will not have to drive. I get back 16 days of my year-sure the money is great but sometimes its not about money and this is that time. My show total was a crazy number that was more than my house and land cost back in 1973.

I’m setting up my 38th year local pottery sale booth in my small hometown that runs daily until Xmas eve this week and will think back for many years about the best show of my life that just occurred last weekend.





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Way to go, Mark! That show had to be bittersweet knowing that it was your last out there, but great to go out on top...well done. I'll bet it felt really good going home with an almost empty van :) 


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The van was just under 1/2 full John.

It actually was packed full with empty banana boxes and apple boxes so the load does not shift-75 boxes total .

My local sale is now on every day as I had stock at home for this sale start.ho ho ho

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