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Mayco stoneware glazes

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I was wondering if anyone has much experience with these glazes. Thinking of trying a few but before I do was hoping to get some feedback here.



Yes, and they are wonderful! But I will note unless you're investing in their dipping 5 gal buckets (25lb bag of dry), then you'll probably have to brush a couple coats on if you plan on using their brush-able 16 oz version, but that's usually standard with most commercial glazes anyways. :)


I was using a lot of Amaco products before, but I'm actually finding Mayco to be a little bit more user friendly and forgiving.

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Mrs C, where are you purchasing the dry Mayco glazes from and is that by 5lb bags, so you buy 5 bags to get 25lbs of dry to make 5 gallons of dipping? thanks so much!


Whoops! Actually 25lb bags makes more like 3 gals.


Mayco offers the different sizes of dry glaze on their site, however, it can only be bought through a distributor of their products.


Buckeye and I primarily use Columbus Clay, so it may vary for your location, but there are many online distributors out there that carry Mayco.

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I've used a couple: Midnight Rain and Surf Blue. They apply quite easily and have had consistently good results with Midnight Rain. It has "crystals" that create interesting dark streaks on a field of blue/green. The results have been very popular. I have found that too many of the "crystals" is well...too much. I rub some off after it dries.


Surf Blue has potential, but I've had some issues with consistency. It looks great when it breaks, but sometimes it just doesn't result in anything that I stand back and say "cool."


In my opinion they are well worth exploring.



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