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Do Pyrometric Cones Expire?

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I have some from the 50's and work fine (they where given to me by my mentor-who is long gone)The boxes are ones you would not recognize as is the packing material.The early ones are in sawdust the later ones in vermiculite then the new ones in foam sheets.

The new cones are moire colorful as well.

My old cone 11 large are white all new cone 11 large are blue-they added colors some years back.

Cones last many many decades as long as you KEEP THEM DRY.

moisture will ruin them

They never expire 

Now get to coning-always wanted to say that


If you need to check expiration dates look at your milk

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Thanks all! Chris, I think you are right. I live near Arrowmont School. When I go to their art supplies store I am in heaven on entry and much poorer when I leave! I'll take that kind of crazy any day. I promise to only store 3 of my cones in the kiln at one time

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