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Where To Buy "iron Spangles" In Us

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Hi everyone, 

I have a glaze recipe that is yellow, with dark specks/streaks in it;

It says the specks/streaks are "Iron Spangles"


I googled that, and found that iron spangles:

Iron oxides give a wide range of colours ranging from honey yellow, brownish reds, black, purple dependent on firing conditions. In reduction a blue colour is possible. - Iron spangles are actually LARGER pieces of iron oxide


I can't find any place in US where they sell them, only sites in the UK; anyone know how I could/would get my fingers on some?


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Illmenite is granular rutile which is a form of iron oxide but weaker in color. It does speckle. Have you tried granulated iron oxide?

I believe that is what it is called here. I searched for it but didn't see it. Do you think magnetite would work? It is magnetic.


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