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Help! I Need To Find An Electrician In Toronto!

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Hello everybody!

After reading the forum for months preparing myself for my first firing (I hope the ones after the first will not be as stressful :)) I'm now posting for the first time because I really need help from my fellow Canadians potters...

I am not a professionals, I'm an hobbyist, I do pottery because I love it. After many years going to classes etc I finally bought my own kiln! It's an old Paragon A88B and it has been fired only few times many years ago... when i bought it i checked it with the lady selling it and the kiln is working.

My problem is that I probably need to change the amp or the fuse of the dryer plug in my basement (the one I was planning to use for the kiln) in order to have enough power for the kiln to work properly... (right now it does not heat until I put it on "high" and on "high" it makes a really strange noise.. clearly the electrical line I'm using is not powerful enough) - I believe the kiln needs 26 amp and my fusebox on the dryer plug says 10 amp...)

So, I need an electrician... I called several electricians I knew and some I didn't know, but NOBODY was available to help me out... every time I explained the problem they told me it's not something they do!!!

Is there some of you torontonians that had to do some electrical work for their own kiln, and could please give me the name of their contact?

I would be forever grateful... I have tons of pot ready to go, waiting sadly on my shelves... :)

cheers, ...and thank you for reading me!


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try finding a kiln repairman.  call your local supply house and ask for references to an installer.  the average electrician has probably never worked on a kiln installation.

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Yay another Canadian here!  :)


Give either Pottery Supply House ( Oakville, same company as Euclids who make kilns and wind elements) or Tuckers (Richmond Hill, also make kilns) a call. They should be able to recommend people.

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