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Mark C.

Feeding Your Gallery-Keep The Bowl Full For Best Results

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I made a 7 hour drive today down and back with a full 4x8 truckbed of pots.

It was an assortment of box sizes 27 total in all.

I got to pet a great cat as well dropping them off.

I supply this outlet twice a year and this drop off is the small one for winter and early spring sales .I have done this for 16 years now at this Mendocino location.

I have 5 other outlets like this one to keep full as well as the art shows I do.The other outlets are full now for awhile. This was the most distant and is the hardest due to miles away.The road there is the windiest I travel all year. Legget (highway101)to the ocean (highway1)

I wish I had done this about a month ago time wise but now its over and I can get back to x-mss production.

This was the pile I left at owners house with his cat watching



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Cute cat. I get to live with this guy every day...


He's fabulous!


This is my very special friend:




He was a stray, who slept on that pot outside our door for a while, before trusting us enough to move in, and take over our everyday lives completely. Not that he has us wrapped around his furry little paw, or anything...

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