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Walker Pugmill Gear Box

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I have a used walker pug mill that I just acquired. The original gear box appears to be gone. A 50:1 replacement gear box is currently on the pug mill powered by an old table saw motor via an automotive belt. The pug mill stalls out with maybe 60 pounds of clay in. I can get it to go in reverse no problem, but when I try to go forward and push the clay out of the pug mill it stalls again. I can not image I am overloading it since the hopper is not even 1/2 full. 


The walker manual I found online mentions a 150:1 gear reduction. Do you think the current gear reduction is not adequate?

I have no prior experience with a pug mill and have always just used plaster bats and wedged the clay to recycle it. Please give me your thoughts, thanks in advance. 

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Walker mfg didn't make the gears. They ordered them from a parts mfg. Try finding someone who can give you the number of that missing gear, so you can find one.

A gear is a gear if its the same size you need.. Lufkin gear mfg is in Cullman, Alabama. Check with Walker mfg first for a diagram of the gear box, find a mfg parts number, and proceed to order one...Ask Walker if they have a parts yard for old mixers. If it were mine, I'd e-mail Walker, Apel's welding supply in Hanceville,(my go to people for Blue Bird mixer parts), a technology school/machine dept.,(my go to would be Wallace Community in Hanceville, Ala.)(the students used to make parts, but might not anymore). Anyway, good luck...



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