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Mark C.

My 43 Annual Northcountry Fair-Hope To See Ya-Bob Dylan Was A Part Of It

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Well it my 43 annual local show-Nothing like it on this planet

Heres the write up  below at link and if you are in the area stop by my booth on the corner 9th and Gst

The Parade is at 1 pm Saturday so get there before that-it will take 1 hour and I promise you this is no ordinary parade .

Sundays Parade is also at 1 pm so come early again

If you never have been consider making the trip it will be worth it as you will see things you only dreamed about.

This is a community event and fun for all-admisson is free

I'm have been involved with this show since day one

I guess I'm one of those aliens in this story below

as well as a same old person

Hey its a zero waste event so pack it out if you bring it in.

You will see Bob Dylan's connection with our event at this link





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Looks like great fun. The page on the North Country Fair does not identify where the heck this is--which state. Happens a lot-an event will be on a website with lots of info except where it is-assuming every viewer n the U.S. just knows where the town of xyz is. Oh--I see from your profile avatar that it is in CA. Now I will have to see where it is on the map, just out of curiosity (won't be attending from NH, at least not this year LOL)  


Whoa-just back from the map. You are really way up there--and California is really huge. 

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I spent 9 months in Nashua back in 1969-that is one small state you live in. I'm guessing its changed a lot since then? I got my 1st social security numberr and job back then in that state . worked 5 months in a cemetery in Nashua.

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