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Mark (Marko) Madrazo

Re-Glaze Tip Of The Day

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Tip of the Day.


A while back, I had fired some cups to ^6. Sadly, I didn't do a, Viscosity, Hydrometer or Specific Gravity test, and the cups didn't have the glaze finish I'd hoped for. So I looked for answers and found a few, but they didn't work for me. So I came up with this idea. One of the suggestions was to heat up the cup and the glaze it, but I couldn't wrap my head around how to do it, sooooo, enter the Microwave. Albeit, it only works for items you can fit in the microwave, but that's probably were the most mishaps happen. Here's how:


1. Prepare table, drying area with newspaper for cups to dry.


2. Tape the foot ring or any part you don't want glaze on with painters tape, blue or green works, I used both.


3. Do a viscosity test.


4. Microwave you piece. I did 4 cups at a time, for one minute. I used a 700 watt microwave. Do a test for how long. You should be able to handle it without burning your skin off.


5. Dip in glaze using dipping tongs. I soaked for a 5 sec. count. and set on paper covered table and let dry overnight or till they can be handle carefully without scraping of any glaze. I didn't have any glaze rub off.


6. carefully pull tape off. I didn't do this, but I could have waxed the band over to avoid the running.


7. Re-fire to ^6.


Before post-64410-0-78948600-1463580260_thumb.jpg and After post-64410-0-03895100-1463580173_thumb.jpg


Note: I'm sorry I didn't just photograph all the steps. Next time for sure. Hope this helps.



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Hey, Marko,

I like both looks. The before looks like something a mellow vegan would go for, while the after looks like Potter's Choice blue rutile with a red brick band...giving you something an angry vegan might like. Thanks for the input.


Thanks Johnny, I saw an opportunity. I had this happen a while back, but couldn't work it out. Anyway, I guess the idea to use a microwave just dawned on me, so I tried and I got the results I wanted.

The Blue is from John Hesselberth and Ron Roy's book Mastering ^6 Glazes. It's the Bright Sky Blue formula. The band is Amaco C-36 Iron.

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