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Cadycal Replaced With Gerstley Borate Ratio?

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Gerstley Borate:      19.50% calcium      Boron   26.80%

Cadycal                    25.70& calcium      Boron   46.50%


Do the math to compute the differences: but also need to factor one other issue:


Gerstley Borate has 11.73% silica and Cadycal only has 0.73% silica: so have to compensate SiO2 changes.

Alumina, Iron, Potassium and Sodium content is relatively close: will have no noticeable effects.


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Using Insight glaze software it has Cadycal having about 1/3 more calcium than GB, far less magnesium, about twice the boron. GB has far more silica. If you post your recipe someone can likely re-do it with GB or Cadycal.

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