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Clean Up Kiln Shelves

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As with politics, one person's fiction is another person's fact, usually based on their personal experiences together with stories (both factual and fictional) they have been told. My early experience with kiln wash was all over the place with the only commonality being bad. Then I learned of an easy and, for me since then, foolproof wash recipe - 1/2 alumina hydrate, 1/4 kaolin, 1/4 calcined kaolin, with an optional 1% addition of feldspar. The calcined kaolin solved the shrinking/peeling problem and the touch of feldspar solved the flaking. As I previously noted, the new wash should be completely dry before firing, and I have found that leaning the freshly washed shelves against the wall or something else to expose the back of the shelf to the air (rather than leaving them sitting flat on a table or the ground) helps them dry faster.

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