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Pam S

Porcelain 5-6?

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That's because Helios is a cone 10 clay. They just say it can be fired at cone 6. I tired it for decoration stuff, nearly all my glazes crazed, which I didn't mind since it wasn't for functional work. My kiln was ringing like a bell when I opened that load. 


If the whiteness doesn't matter. Highwaters P5 is the easiest porcelain I found to work with. It fires a dingy white when its finished. Sorta like stoneware looking. However the glazes are very nice on it. It throws like a dream and drys nice and slow.


I have switched from it to Laguna's Frost, it dries super fast and doesn't throw as easy as the P5. It still does well on the wheel, but it can't take the water as good as P5 can(use slip from your hands on the pot instead of water).  Both of them are nice cone 6 clays with good vitrification rates at cone 6. Frost comes out a stark white and is translucent when thin. A lot of people hate it and say its the worst clay on the planet. I was researching it for a while, but I decided to ignore their rants(tons of them, just google frost porcelain cracking and you will see many people who quit using it). I found that it doesn't crack at all with proper compression and nice even bottoms. I compress when I open, when I pull my walls I compress the bottom again, and I compress when trimming, and then I compress with a rib when I am done trimming. So maybe that's why it doesn't crack for me. I don't even cover the pots when drying. I like how fast it dries. You just have to be on top of it and flip the pieces as soon as the rim can handle the pressure. I was able to throw mugs in the morning and trim and attach handles in the evening. I loved that. P5 the process took a day and a half. Throw one day, trim and attach the next day.


I also tried Standard 365 it was nice as well. My supplier is always out of it when I go to get it, so I stopped trying to use it. I guess because its so popular. I also think many people on these forums use 365 as well.

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I have Cool Ice Porcelain 6 from Seattle Pottery "A translucent, low firing, white porcelain. The firing range is 1186 to 1240oC. Care should be taken not to overfire Cool Ice as it is prone to slumping and bloating. Bisque 07-05; glaze 4-6". So far, so good!  

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