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Mentor Found | Fellow Potter Needs Help With Publishing

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We have a request for a Mentor, mid-range (3-6 mos) to long-term (6-12 mos) time period, to help a professional artist/potter interested in publishing a well established book idea. He needs help moving this project forward. If you have experience and skills in publishing a book, please consider signing up to Mentor this potter. Note: Potter in UK, so email is preferred contact and may be a time issue with phone calls.


Here is more information on our Mentoring Program, a free member benefit to help our clay community: Potters Council Link



Please reference Publishing Potter, #802 and please Email me

Thank you for your consideration.

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Yeahhh! Mentor Match for #802. Thank you to all! We received an application from an excellent publisher with extensive experience in our industry. What a wonderful benefit for the Mentee!


Stay tuned for the next two ads for Mentors. And Mentees...keep your applications coming in. Mentee Application We have a great community of potters to help all!

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