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Casting Slip

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Bonjour tout le monde


How can I re-use dry scraps of casting slip?





How do you want to reuse it? You can wet it down a bit until it is moldable then treat it like modeling clay. It can then be used in press molds for sprigging onto your leather hard slip ware. Or for making press ware and press ware tiles. Or you can wet it down just a wee bit more and add it back into your slip jar that has more slip in it and stir it up well or you can use a jiffy mixer.


But if you are adding a lot of dried slip you may have to test for consistency and make adjustments.


However when I saw how nice the slip modeled I then dried all my slip out to modeling consistency and sculpted it and pressed it into molds.

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I just toss mine in a bucket with water and mix it up with drill and drywall mud mixer attachment. I then add it (around 3 to 4 gallons) when I add 10 gallons of fresh slip. I have a large slip tank BTW but the overall technique is same.


If it's real junky and clunky I either screen with my talisman screen or run the pump to my slip tank though a kitchen (metal screen type) colander.


I even throw in a bit of press clay scraps too and it still tends to be fine

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