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Found 10 results

  1. I've just taken a glaze firing out of the kiln - 1080oC (cone 04) transparent glaze on (mostly) a white earthenware clay. I can see that 2 pieces were in fact stoneware, which wasn't obvious after the bisque firing as my other pieces were white earthenware. The two stoneware bowls are pinging like mad and I can see the linear glaze cracks going round the bowls. The glaze can be pretty forgiving at higher temperatures and I'm wondering if these pieces might 'work' if refired to the clay's maturity temperature, or will the glaze fit always be a problem?
  2. GiselleNo5

    Poppy Tea Set

    From the album: Pottery 2016

    White stoneware, thrown on the wheel as a "chopstick" jar and then altered into a teapot. I added the little hand-shaped flower knob. Handles coil and flattened. Spout wheel thrown. Fired at ^6 in an electric kiln. Laguna's Dynasty Red and Peach Blush, Duncan Concepts Bright Kiwi as the underglazed leaves and stems. This came out really nicely for a test set; next time everything is going to be bigger. I plan to make four cups and saucers, sugar, creamer, teapot, and a couple of serving platters. Maybe even a cake stand or two. We'll see.

    © Giselle No. 5 Ceramics 2016, all rights reserved

  3. crazypotterlady


    From the album: Displays

    Arrangement of ^6 functional pottery. Underglazes with black underglaze overall design. Platter, teapot, and mug.
  4. crazypotterlady


    From the album: Mugs, mugs and more mugs!!

    Mugs, white ^6 stoneware, overall incising, colored transparent glaze, footed, pulled handle.
  5. crazypotterlady


    From the album: Mugs, mugs and more mugs!!

    Autumn Leaf Mugs, white ^6 stoneware, underglazes with a wax resist and blackline leaf design, dotted accents, footed, pulled handles.
  6. crazypotterlady

    003 Red Bud Teapot

    From the album: New ^6 Work 2015 (2)

    Wheel thrown and constructed white stoneware teapot, underglazes over a satin matte glaze (majolica-style). black underglaze outline. Light green gloss opaque inside. 7 cup capacity.
  7. crazypotterlady

    039 Sunburst Garden Platter

    From the album: New ^6 Work 2015 (2)

    Wheel thrown white stoneware platter, underglazes with black underglaze outline, dotted accents. Clear glaze. 12" diameter.
  8. From the album: Wheel Thrown Work, 2015

    © Copyright Giselle Massey 2015, all rights reserved

  9. GiselleNo5

    Mountain Planter with Saucer

    From the album: Wheel Thrown Work, 2015

    This is my very first time throwing four pounds of clay. As I gain skill I know I would likely be able to make a larger pot, but I was extremely happy with how this turned out. This was also my first attempt at making a matching saucer and it fits ... well ... like it was made for it. The surface is decorated with a combination of Hawaiian Red slip and white stoneware slip.

    © Copyright Giselle Massey 2015, all rights reserved

  10. GiselleNo5

    MG 3484

    From the album: Slip Cast Dinner and Bakeware

    This is my favorite platter from my set of vintage molds. I cast it in white stoneware and when it was leather hard decorated with slip trailing. The bottom is glazed with a matte cream.

    © Giselle Massey, Giselle No. 5 Handmade 2014


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