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Found 5 results

  1. robertjwilson


    Dipped a ton of student pottery into white dipping glaze when I thought it was clear dipping glaze. Any way of taking the white glaze out without harming their work underneath?
  2. the_clayman

    Lidded Salt Jar

    From the album: Fullacreations Pottery

    6 inches x 5 inches carved design with white glaze.
  3. Here is my first successful ash glaze. I call it Nuka crackle. it is fired to ^6 oxidation. It is placed on thick and cracks as it dries. The top of the tile is double dipped while the bottom is single dipped. It does not drip, but has a great matte finish. The recipe is: Soda Feldspar 40 Tumbleweed ash 26.7 Whiting 13.3 EPK 13.3 Frit 3124 6.7 Total 100 I'm thinking of using it over a darker glaze so the color is seen through the cracks. Jed
  4. I have some glossy, white zirconium glaze (fires at 1030 - 1120 degrees c). It is too white, and too glossy for my purposes. Can anyone suggest any additions that would tone it down a bit, in one or both respects? I am using studio white earthenware and fire to cone 04 in my small electric kiln. The attached photo shows the finish. Many thanks.
  5. jennifermulligan

    Hk White Glaze

    I got a job running the studio for the Roanoke Rescue Mission and they have a wonderful white glaze that really blends well with several other colors. But the barrel is labeled "NK White" and I can't find any reference to it--nor a recipe. I really want to duplicate it--any body ever heard of it?

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