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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all! I've been doing a lot of small decal work lately, and I've come to realize that when I put the decals (22k gold) in the water to soften and release the paper, they act like they're magnetized and line themselves up end to end or side to side. I'll plop a number of them in the water at the same time, and they'll all dance around and line themselves up nicely, clinging to each other in a very orderly fashion. I'm fascinated and want to know what causes it! I've googled but haven't found anything. Say for example each decal has a north, south, east, and west side. Any north or south side will attract any other north or south side but will repel any east or west side and vice versa. The charge is not strong enough to be noticeable outside of water - it needs the weightlessness of floating in order to show itself. Here's a video example. Anyone understand the science on what's happening here and care to enlighten me? Thanks!

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