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Found 3 results

  1. glazenerd

    Titanium, calcium, iron clay body

    Blending various blends of raw clay to set levels of titanium, iron, and calcium. The goal was to produce purple in oxidation: without the use of stains. A band of rutile was placed in the center, and Temmoku glazed over.

    © TJA 2017

  2. Hi All, First post on this forum - excited to have found it. I just tested out a batch of the Folk Art Guild White from John Brit's midfire glaze book. It's gorgeous, but at $30 lb, the tin content is a bit expensive - any thoughts on opacifying for cheaper? Does anyone use a white glaze with tin/titanium combined? I've tried some other recipes with zircopax and I much prefer the creamy white of tin over the bright bluish white of the zirc. Folk Art Guild White ^6 F-4 Feldspar 18 Spodumene 10 Silica 18 EPK 18 Dolomite 18 GB 18 Tin 13 RIO 2 Bentonite 2 -Vanessa
  3. Has anyone tried titanium rods for bead racks? The standard rack that I bought has rods that sag and get a green and black coating after firing at cone 6. The coating can flake off onto the pieces below. Cone 6- 1222 C and 2232 F, titanium melts at 1668 C and 3034 F. That doesn't mean that the rods won't sag or react with the atmosphere inside the kiln though... Oh wise ones, please share the knowledge.

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