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Found 1 result

  1. Has anybody ever had a glaze that, when applied "normally" - think slow dip/double dip, 1/16" or so - does fine, but when applied thinner - quick single dip only - shivers at the edge of cup/bowl? I've got 2 glazes that did it. Not sure if this is just a thickness issue or if my body/glaze fit is close enough to be ok thick, but shows some truth when applied thin. Oh by the way: The firing was a pretty strong cone 10 reduction. Not sure if that would change anything. Wonder if this is the kind of fit that does fine until 6 months later. Any ideas? Did thermal expansion tests with test tiles for these glazes, and they all came out fine - albeit with 3 layers of glaze on the edges though. Thanks. Pat Clay body OM4 - 22 Gladart - 22 Redart - 11 Hawthoren 40m - 43 Grog - 3 Glaze 1 Custer - 61 EPK - 20 Whiting - 18 Glaze 2 Custer - 21 EPK - 5 Whiting - 11 Silica - 40 Iron Oxide - 15 Unwashed Ash - 8
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