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Found 1 result

  1. postalpotter

    Gas Kiln Completed

    Well almost, need to just do a better job of making it weather proof and I need to seal the flue box but I now have a kiln! A special shout out to Mark for his guidance and to Neil for his assistance and advice. To all those who also added their $.02 I also went to extend my sincere thanks and ask that you don’t go anywhere. I am sure I will need your expertise and advice as I continue my trek up Everest. I waited until I was finished with the kiln before I assembled the burners and I was really disappointed Saturday evening when I saw the output of a low pressure propane system. In my mind a yellow flame is unburned gas I got a blue flame of about a ft. and then a yellow flickering flame. Sunday morning I got out there and began to close the door on an empty kiln. With three courses of brick left to place I lit the pilots and then one burner, walked around to the door to take a peek at the flame and promptly singed my eye brows. Turned the burner off, sealed the door and before I knew it the pyrometer read 220deg. Turned both burners on and at 600deg. I started to produce soot. Turned down the burners and watched the temp rise until 920deg. and there it stayed for an hour and a half. That is when I learned what to do with the damper and that is where the fun started. I had the damper full open at that point so I closed it and then opened it a 1/4in. and got smoke. I opened it a ¼ until the smoke went away. Seems that the sweet spot is from ¾ to 1 1/8 with 7/8 open being the spot where I got the best results. It took 7hr. to reach 2138deg. measured with my pyrometer, then I lost pressure in my tanks as I ran out of propane. I had to return to work on Monday so I just opened the kiln today and all is well. I will now buy my kiln shelves and posts. I know I was told to build the kiln around the shelves but I didn’t have a single kiln shelf and just couldn’t see doing it that way. I will do a bisque when they arrive and could use a bit of guidance with the process. Don’t tell anybody but I have never even made a cone pack. Should I just use an 03 04 05 or are their other temps I could watch my kiln reach on my first bisque? Again Thank You All

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