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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Can you please tell me how to make speckled clay body, not a glaze? Or, if there is anything about it from previous topics to send me a link? Thank you in advance!
  2. Our studio has been using Glazemixer in the past and it is obvious to us that we cannot get our glaze from Glazemixer any more. We are now using another vender to mix our dry glazes. The problem we are having is that we do not have access to some of our favorite glazes - Green Pooling Blue and Mother of Pearl. Do anyone know how we can get these glazes and if we can get the recipe for them. Does anyone use the Hobart Cowles Fluid Blue-Green Glaze in the Cone 5-6 Glazes (pg 118)? If you have used it could you post a photo of it and give the type of clay. We would like to know the HC B-G is like Green Pooling Blue? Thanks for any help Ginny J Clay Artists at the Vineyard San Diego, CA
  3. I just tried making paperclay slip from a recipe that I was given at a workshop. The slip has turned out extremely runny and will not dry. To a 50# bag of dry porcelain clay Add to one qt of warm water • 7 grams Barium Carbonate • 13 grams soda ash To a 5 gallon bucket add • 2 gallons of water Add the barium carb mixture to the water and mix for 5 minutes, and while water is mixing: get mixture ready • ¾-1 oz of sodium silicate • 1 oz Darvon • 2 oz of water The paper pulp is made separately and added to the slip. First, it wasn't clear that you don't add the pulp to the entire 5 gallons of slip, so I added it to 2 gallons. I tried dipping wire and after 30 minutes, it's still wet. I left both the slip and the paperclay slip uncovered overnight in hopes of evaporating water, but that hasn't helped. I would really want to save this batch because I can't afford another 50# bag of porcelain. I wonder if there was too much deflocullent in the slip? Can I save it by adding a flocullent like epsom salts? Btw, are the epsom salts bought at a drugstore the same used in ceramics? Aloha - Eve
  4. Hi I'm wondering if anybody has a recipe for a cone 10 reduction copper red glaze (I'm talking oxblood or peach bloom, NOT flambé) that flashes electric blue? I hear that if you use a feldspar based glaze and use a feldspar that is high in potassium and low in sodium (usually its the other way around) that the glaze will tend to have these blue flashes more. If you know a good recipe and have tried it yourself what cone does it work best around? I know that these glazes don't do best at cone 10 but rather around 8-9, but I still wanna hear your experience. Also, I like to do a quick oxidation at the end of my firing in order to make the copper reds less muddy and dark. If you've had good results, how long do you do this oxidation for? Thanks, Hunter
  5. I did some searching and didn't find much as far as favorite glaze recipes, so I thought I'd start this. What are your favorite glaze recipes? Include pictures OF COURSE!!!! American Shino, Cone 10 Reduction: 50 Nepheline Syenite 25 Ball Clay 25 Spodumene 0-2 Soda Ash Yellow Matte, Cone 10 Reduction: 50 Nepheline Syenite 25 Epk 25 Whiting Mackenzie Grey, Cone 10 Reduction: 50 Custer Feldspar 25 Whiting 25 EPK Kaolin For more pictures, in-depth explanations, qualities and shortcomings, and even MORE recipes, visit my website!
  6. Tristan TDH

    Red Casting Slip

    Hi, I have recently been experimenting with converting a few of my production pieces to slip cast pieces. I took a Hiroe Hanazono workshop at Arrowmont, ( excellent BTW ) and learned the basics of slip casting. Since then I've made molds of my pieces and have cast several of them. Everything is going swimmingly except... My work is all in a red clay, I use RedRock from Highwater, fire it to a hot 5 / cool 6, I have made a slip from RedRock by drying then adding 40% water and .3% Darvan 811. The problem that I'm getting is that my slip keeps gelling up. I've already got over the maximum amount of deflocculant in it, and have had to add water anyway bringing my specific gravity down to 1.6 instead of the desired 1.75. It's working, but still gelling, I assume from the Iron in the clay. Does anyone have a good cone5/6 red slip for slip casting recipe? I don't mind if it is speckled or not, and it doesn't have to match red rock exactly, just be red. I appreciate any input ! Thanks
  7. Brita

    White Glaze

    I am looking for a recipe for a white or light glaze. I will use it on dark clay, so I want an opaque glaze. Perhaps it should be an ash glaze. I want to burn at 1250C - cone 7 or 8. I just today got my new studio (for the first time in 15 years - hooray). Tomorrow I will order materials so a good answer is urgent - and very appreciated!
  8. Biglou13

    Bizen Clay Body?

    does any one have a recipe for a Bizen like clay body. found this but im told its close but no cigar 75 xx saggar 15 red art 10 custer

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