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Found 11 results

  1. Hey all - I recently bought Laguna speckled buff cone 5 clay and have been really enjoying it! As I'm preparing to glaze, however, I realized my whole stock of glazes are cone 6. Curious to hear your perspectives on this - have you tried it? Any tips or tricks to help make sure I don't ruin all the lovely objects I've made?
  2. I would like to make mid-fire stoneware and was wondering if the Laguna WC-436 B-mix with grog would be a good clay to use. Also what cone size should I use for firing greenware and glaze firing?
  3. Hi y'all! I'm about to order a couple pounds of Laguna Crystalline Glaze (Crystal Palace) and try it out. http://www.axner.com/lagunawc-561crystalpalace10glazedrysoldperlb.aspx Laguna's website says it fires from cone 5 to cone 10, but I'll be doing the first firing at cone 10 in a gas kiln. Has anyone here had prior experience with this glaze? I haven't been able to find much information other than that it is a good base for other crystalline glaze recipes (no info on what those recipes end up looking like though). I'm trying to figure out if it plays well with other glazes and what kinds, as well as different ways to tweak the recipe. Any tips would be much appreciated so I can make the most out of the once-a-month firings! Chloe
  4. I received a hand me down seat for a Pacifica wheel, but it doesn't have the pieces that connect it to the wheel. Does anyone have an idea of how/ where to find it? I've contacted Laguna about the parts, but have yet to hear back. It's just a piece that clamps to the front leg of my wheel with a bar that inserts to the front of the seat and two knobs that hold it all together. I don't have room to store it anymore if I'm not using it, please help! Here is the piece on Blick's website: http://www.dickblick.com/items/30002-0100/
  5. 1515art

    photo 3 9

    From the album: new work at 1515art

    laguna soldate 60, 18" closed form with frog
  6. 1515art

    photo 2 11

    From the album: new work at 1515art

    Laguna Soldate 60, 18" closed form with frog
  7. 1515art

    photo 1 11

    From the album: new work at 1515art

    Laguna Soldate 60, 17" double gord with frog
  8. 1515art

    photo 2 10

    From the album: new work at 1515art

    new work in progress, laguna solvate 60 w/slip, 35" covered jar with fish finial.
  9. 1515art

    photo 1 10

    From the album: new work at 1515art

    new work in progress, laguna solvate 60 w/slip, 35" covered jar with fish finial.
  10. Hi All, I received some great advice from the members of this forum for my first Raku fire and wanted so show some of the results. If fired the kiln twice, once as a test with sample items and once with my work which was more successful. The video is of the second firing (although I did upload the first to YouTube as well, I learned a lot from it). It is not very long and shows the completed work at the end. I used a combination of glazes that I prepared from recipes from the internet and books as well as some pre-mixed Laguna glazes. I made the kiln from an old Paragon kiln I found for $50 off of a site similar to Craigslist. Again thanks for the great Raku Input. Ian Cook
  11. GiselleNo5

    Lime Green Spoon Rest

    From the album: Wheel Thrown Work, 2015

    © Copyright 2015 Giselle Massey, all rights reserved


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