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Found 2 results

  1. I'm sure there are other threads about this, but have not figured out the right combination of words to find them via the forum's search engine.... In a glaze firing (electric / cone 6 / stoneware): How much space should there be between the top of a pot, and the under side of the next shelf above it. Obviously, I don't want the pots to touch the shelf, lest they wind up fused to it - but what is a safe minimum. If all of my posts are in two-inch increments (obviously, I need to get some shorter posts - but until I do... ) am I safe leaving minimal (1/8") space - or should I add another two inches ?
  2. I think most people like to be as efficient as possible to maximize the output of kiln firings, whether that is energy-consciousness or simply good economics. At school where project sizes vary greatly, once the glaze shelves are full it is a pretty good indication that there is enough material to have a full load. On the personal, private studio scene, that probably works pretty well...but I find myself taking better notes on just how many pieces of a certain size equal a full shelf. That information often guides just what I am making, long before I get to the glaze firing...for example, I know that 8 mugs of a certain size make one full shelf (see below) so I tend to make mugs in batches of eight. So, how much advance planning do you do before loading your glaze kiln? Do you use the full-shelves method? Do you plan your making/production based upon some formula from previous experience based on your kiln capacity? Is the process random? What kind of planning falls into the "best practice" category?

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