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Found 2 results

  1. I’m a recent grad working on setting up a studio space on a really tight budget, and my current plan is to convert an old electric kiln I got for free into a propane-fueled gas kiln. My original plan was to fire it with a pair of propane weed burners, (like simon leach’s conversion) but it’s occurred to me that could be a safety issue during an overnight preheat. I’m planning to once-fire most of my work to cone 10 reduction, and I’m used to the university gas kilns, which use Venturi burners with pilot lights and safety shut offs. My usual firing schedule is an 8-10 hour overnight preheat, bring it up to cone 06 slowly (4-5+ hours, reducing 012-09) and then up to 10 quickly(1-2+ hours) and letting it cool naturally. Obviously I’ll be monitoring the kiln while it’s firing, but I’m worried about the preheat. On the other hand, I don’t have a ton of money laying around until I can start firing work to sell, and proper kiln/forge/raku burners are prohibitively(for now)expensive. Does anyone have any advice for this? Maybe an inexpensive burner actually designed for long-term use? Or an alternative firing schedule that doesn’t call for me to be awake and alert for 16-24 hours?
  2. I have the opportunity to buy a large 3 phase kiln - metal frame, ceramic fibre - 900mmx800mmx800mm with lots of added kiln furniture... so it is very tempting. I really want it for its size but it uses 3 phase which I do not have. I am on acreage and the cost of bringing 3 phase to my house is too much. It draws 37.5 amps. I have a 40amp line from our switchboard on our house to another small switchboard in our studio shed. I like to consider the kiln as a large shell to which I could place new elements and rewire with a new controller. If I could do this for $2-4,000, I would then have a large single phase kiln for a third the price of a new one. Or...I could convert it to gas but it would probably cost a fortune to pass new regulations in Australia. Has anyone done this before and can give advice?

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