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Found 1 result

  1. Mathew Jinks

    Frankenkiln help

    Hi There, This is my first posting so thanks for any responses I get, I have read many posts in this forum and members have helped with other weird kiln questions so here goes; I recently purchased a vintage manual fire Skutt 1227 240v/45amp single phase, much of the brick had been replaced along with all new elements, the previous owners had fired well up to cone 10. I am installing the kiln in my garage with 240v. With the kiln they gave me a free Jenken Orton 3000 digital controller panel from a 3 ring kiln, with the idea that it may work with the Skutt, they had not tried it however. The Jenken panel has 208v 48amps marked on the front which tells me it is a 3 phase controller, but on the inside it is written 'rebuilt 2011' and it looks to me like it has been rewired for single phase since it now has 2 hot wires and one earth and the relays look ready to be wired in series to the elements. Please see the attached pictures. You can see also how I am starting to wire it up to the Skutt. My questions are does this look right and do you think I have made correct assumptions re the rebuild meaning the panel was probably wired for single phase 240v household use back in 2011 but it was originally 208v 3 phase. As a side note the thermocouple was corroded so I replaced it and all connections look good, the PCB on the Orton 3000 looks healthy as well. The kiln was originally purchased by the previous owners with this Jenken panel thrown in and it has now been passed down to me and I would love for it to work. I contacted Jenken but they did not respond. Thanks for your input. Mathew.

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