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Found 1 result

  1. Still here! Well with my last post I was despondent and lost. My hard brick had been stolen form my seller? I did pour the concrete the next day and my cinderblocks are in place, rearranged a 1/2 dozen times! I have 700 IFB's purchased at 71 cents each, man has about 10,000 more. I think they could be had at much less then I paid! My hard bricks arrived Thursday. My copy of Niles Lou's "Art of Firing" arrived yesterday. My burners arrived today and their guts sometime next week. When I first signed on here I said that I needed a kiln . That I have pieces but no way to bisque or glaze fire without taking them to a friend in town and not getting them back until she could fire them for me, I said I didn't have 208v to the garage and did not want to incur the expense of having an electrician run the wire and then I still would have to purchase a kiln and learn to operate it. After all I have built a raku kin with a weed burner all I needed to was to go bigger. SO I was going to build a gas kiln and thought I could do so for around $1200. Someone, anyone could have told me I was dreaming a fool's dream. Someone I will not mention any names but someone told me "that when you come to a fork in the road take it". Well I did and I find myself at the foot of Mt. Everest with a load of gear and I am hopping that you people will become my Sherpa. I have no real earthly idea what I am doing. When last we spoke I was building Mel Jacobson's copy of a Minnesota Flat Top and I was a committed forced air man. Well not so much any more. I am still building the flat top but I was going to do so with a single forced air burner of my own build. After pricing everything out I thought that having Mark Ward build it for me would be a wise decision. After talking to Mr. Ward he said that a one burner set-up like I was planning was a reinvention of the wheel. Jacobson does call for 2 burners so. Mr. Ward said I could achieve my results with 2 MR 100's low pressure, I am using propane . I do not remember if Mr. Ward told me what the BTU's out put would be but at this time I do not know. I am guessing 500k btu's each? Now the questions??? The kiln will have 9" K23 walls with a fiber interior. I have a degree in overkill from the "The School of Hard Knocks" and have traveled down the wrong fork many times. It's interior space will be 36x27x 27.5 or 30'' tall. With the first shelf set 2" off the floor. Jacobson has the intake ports set at 4.5x4.5 for 40.5sq in and the exit flue at 4.5x7 for 31.5sq in. All Ward would say about that was "what goes in must come out"! Ward said I could get away with a chimney that was 8ft. off the floor. Is this a tall enough stack? The flat top in the book has the flue box dimensions at 9x9x17 constricting down to 4.5x7 and then emptying into the stack, I have 8ft. of 9"riser tubes. There will be more questions to come but for now. Oh and can I add an umbrella roof vent cap to the stack to keep the rain out without restricting the exit gases?
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