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Found 1 result

  1. Dear community, I have this wonderful glaze i use for my porcelain cups (slipcasted), BUT its been a long time struggle, as this glaze is sometimes doing fine, but sometimes! it breaks the cups, sometimes it runs, leaving the lip almost with no glaze, sometimes its really nice looking blue, but sometimes its green. I thought some of you might know how to adjust the glaze, as I really really love the way it looks when everything works fine. So the glaze is a crackled blue/green transparent one. Its supposed to be for the cone 6. I applied thick - it breaks the cups, but this time I applied it thin it still broke them and run down to the foot. I also noticed its not as runny when i put it in the lowest shelve in the kiln.. hm, but thats not the way out.. It has 0.54 of copper carbonate Do you have any ideas of how to adjust the glaze so its not that runny. Is it about adding more of Bentonite and Kaolin? Can copper carbonate make the glaze be more runny? it has Neph Sy. Dolomit bentonite flint kaolin whiting + tiny bit of copper carb. Every tip is highly appreciated!

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