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Found 1 result

  1. The Question of the Week this week comes from yappystudent, a newer member of the forum who hails from Idaho. The question comes from the pinned strand, participants pool, in the Potters Council Operations and Benefits section. . . Please participate in this pool. Her question is: Do you tend to end up using the same general color schemes in your glaze work intentionally or unintentionally? (I do. It's various whites over dark clays, usually with the speckles coming through.) I have a tendency to work with earth tones-Cream, white, browns, blues and greens. I admire Copper Reds, and have experimented with local reduction, but not the same. I also like purples, and have some recipes that will go in that direction. As I have been working on a medium dark clay body(hazelnut) of late, the purple looks too dirty on it without a white slip or glaze underneath it. I will be working on a white stoneware soon, and hope that this will shake up the glazes once more, as the change to hazelnut did. best, Pres

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