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Found 7 results

  1. Cavy Fire Studios

    Mr. Shrike's Head

    From the album: 2017 Stuff

    The final result of my first animal head sculpture. I'm quite pleased with how this turned out--as you can imagine, I was sweating when this piece was in the kiln!! My fella, its intended and current owner, was extremely happy when he got it for Christmas. <3 Sculpted from Clay Art Center (of Tacoma)'s Xtra White lowfire earthenware, painted with Amaco, Mayco, Duncan, and Clay Art Center underglaze, fired to ^03.

    © Me and my fella

  2. RoGryphon

    Redo of Foxplanter Photo

    From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

    Resubmitting photo since the other seems to have vanished. Little planter for community challenge #2
  3. RoGryphon

    Fox ornament

    From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

  4. RoGryphon

    sgraffito Fox incense burner

    From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

    Gotta love the foxes
  5. RoGryphon

    Sgraffito Fox Plate

    From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

    Playing with the sgraffito technique. It's a fox since they are so cool.
  6. RoGryphon

    Cup Fox 042015

    From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

    Playing with sgraffito and my love of foxes.
  7. Cavy Fire Studios

    Kitsune Mug

    From the album: The Guinea Potter's Stuff

    This photo is horrible. The mug is so much prettier in real life. Grr...

    © Sarah Alderete


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