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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! I am going to be purchasing an Extruder. Any recommendations on which is the easiest to operate (getting old here!) and easiest to clean? I used one eons ago in my college ceramics. Thanks!
  2. I just installed my new Brent 4" wall mounted extruder and it does not grip the vertical post when I pull down. I have soft clay and I am not exerting much pressure. The install is level. Any suggestions?
  3. I have frequently mentioned my pencil boxes on the forum and have been meaning to post a picture of what exactly they are. I also added this picture as well as a picture of some of my trinket boxes and one of a couple medium boxes I had sitting around to my gallery. The pencil boxes also work as makeup brush, toothbrush, paintbrush or even silverware holders. The pencil boxes are big sellers and super fast to make, I sell them for $10-15 depending on the design. A wrap design costs more and a design with handcolored elements costs even more. I have timed myself making these and I only handle each box for about 15 minutes total for the basic model. They are small enough to fit in a priority mail cube shaped box and ship for around $8 each. I extrude the walls and slab roll the bottoms. Outsides are glazed a simple white and I limit the interior colors to either white, red, blue, or brown. They measure approximately 4 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide. There is nothing fancy or super creative about these little open top boxes but people love to buy them for themselves as well as for gifts. Terry oldlady - I FINALLY remembered!
  4. Pugaboo

    Simple Yellow Angel

    From the album: 2014 Featured Artist Pieces

    This simple angel is made with slabs and the face is a press mold with minor sculpting. The hair was made using a mini extruder. Hair and face are painted with Amaco LUGs and it is glazed in Amaco glazes. This can be used as a stand alone figure or it can be used as a tree topper. I died the holes around the bottom to make it easy to an her it to the top of the tree securely.

    © Terry Buffington


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